Small 'test' order received mid August :  Men's Cotton Pocket squares.
For the full collection see 

Introducing an unexpected use of my work as an art student … in clothing design with US-based VIDA.


VIDA saw this website and had invited me to design across their product range based on my art.  Three months on, and the quality looks good.

Now I feel confident to share the full collection and invite you to have a look at 

I welcome your comment and feedback. Also please send on a link to friends.

Manufacture is carried out in ways benefitting employees and their families  in the countries of operation.

I make a 10% sales fee for use of my designs.  

Small print:


1. VIDA adds postage and delivery in the order process. 

2. There are additional costs for import duties and VAT depending on country.

3. At checkout, VIDA offers a customs/VAT-paid option, which looks competitive with .... 

4. Standard shiiping or courier estimated at one of the sites e.g.  - a site provided by Pitney Bowes. 

5. In my experience, 1 and 2 together add 0.6-1.4 times the dollar prices posted on the VIDA website depending on size

In the UK, the additional costs are charged on delivery via the Royal Mail.

VIDA MANUFACTURE and DELIVERY takes 4-6 weeks, though much shorter if manufactur is stated to be in the US (eg for their Tote Bags).