From late 2015 and through 2016

November and December 2016 
Sept / October 2016
Studies of Jazz at Sarum Studio - May / June 2016
Portrait Model, Jazz, Sarum Studio, June 2016
Life model, Jazz, Sarum Studio, June 2016
Artists Life Model, Martin Bullen, at Summerleaze Gallery, Anthony Connolly workshop, July 2016
Oil sketch - Anthony Connolly workshop,  July 2016
Charoal portrait, Sarum Studio, June 2016
Charcoal drawing - June 16
Earlier projects - Sarum Studio mid 2015 / early 2016

Other projects

Oil Portrait, George Moorhead, July 2015
Oil Portrait, Naeme, 2016
Copy, van Dyk sketch, Magistrate of Brussels, by Ken Taylor

Copy of van Dyck sketch of a Magistrate of Brussels. 

oil painting of bust

Oil painting of bust after Aurora by Michaelangelo in the Medici Chapel in Florence